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Coming Together for Sexual Health

Jul 13, 2022

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Episode description: 

Dante King, author of The 400-year Holocaust: White America’s Legal, Psychopathic, and Sociopathic Black Genocide - and the Revolt Against Critical Race Theory, sits down with guest host Duran Rutledge (capacity building and technical assistance trainer at CAPTC) to reflect on what it means to be a Black person in a country where the colonial legacy of anti-Blackness and conceptions of whiteness and white supremacy have engrained racism into our legal structures, healthcare system, and more.  

King offers concrete examples of how these intergenerational and ongoing traumas show up, and examines the roles of empathy, re-education, and narrative in promoting transformation. This conversation illuminates the structures that reinforce America’s blatant anti-Blackness that need to be seen, but so often are not. Download the transcript of this episode. 

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About Dante: 

Dante King is the author of the new book The 400-Year Holocaust: White America's Legal, Psychopathic, and Sociopathic Black Genocide and the Revolt Against Critical Race Theory; winner of the Bookfest Award. Dante also teaches a course at the UCSF School of Medicine called Understanding the Roots of Racism and Bias: Anti-blackness and Its Links to Whiteness, White Racism, Privilege, and Power. Dante was the previous Deputy Director for the San Francisco California Department of Public Health Office of Health Equity, where he led the development and implementation of workforce and health equity policies and programs. You can find out more about Dante by going to and connecting via Twitter @danteking2020.